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Author Visits

Join Amar as he brings the captivating world of middle-grade sports fiction directly to your school. Drawing from his Scholastic debut trilogy, starting with "Play The Game: The Hoop Con," and his upcoming graphic novel "Wish I Was a Baller," Amar offers an array of presentations and workshops designed to inspire, engage, and empower students with the transformative power of storytelling and the life lessons sports can teach us.

Engaging Presentation Options: (In-Person or Virtual, 45-60 Minutes Including Q&A, Ideal for Grades 3-8):

  • Life Lessons on and off the Court: Explore universal themes of resilience, teamwork, and overcoming obstacles, illustrating how sports metaphors extend beyond the game into real life.

  • Embracing the Mamba Mentality: Dive into Kobe Bryant's legacy and how the Mamba Mentality's focus on dedication and improvement can inspire personal and academic growth.

Interactive Writing Workshops: (In-Person or Virtual, 45-60 Minutes Including Q&A)

  • From Passion to Page: Sports-Inspired Storytelling: Discover how to channel enthusiasm for sports into creative narratives, focusing on storytelling techniques that captivate and engage.

  • The Athlete's Narrative: Drawing Inspiration from Sports Legends: Learn to draw inspiration from sports icons, exploring character creation and plot development through the lens of sports philosophies like the Mamba Mentality.

Customized Experiences:

All presentations and workshops can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your school or curriculum. Interactive elements, such as Q&A sessions, live demonstrations, and hands-on writing exercises, are integral to engaging students and fostering a dynamic learning environment.

Book Sales and Signings:

Enhance your event with book sales and signings, allowing students to take home a piece of the experience. Arrangements can be made for direct sales or through partnerships with local bookstores, ensuring a seamless process for your school.

General Pricing:

  • Virtual Presentation or Workshop: $150-$200

  • In-Person Visit: Half-day (up to 2 presentations/workshops): $750 plus travel expenses. Full-day (up to 4 presentations/workshops): $1200 plus travel expenses.

Flexible pricing and discounts available for multiple bookings and schools with limited budgets.


Technical Requirements:

For all presentations, schools will need to provide access to a projector, screen, and microphone (for larger groups). Internet access is required for virtual visits.

Schedule Your Visit:

To bring this unique blend of sports, storytelling, and life lessons to your school, contact Amar today. Let's inspire your students to play the game of life with passion and perseverance.


Note: Amar is based in the Central Florida area. Travel expenses will apply for schools located outside this area. Please book at least in advance to ensure availability.

Upcoming Events:

  • February 9, 2024 - Trinity Prep Author Fest 2024

  • February 7, 2024 - World Read Aloud Day - Virtual visits with classrooms across the country

Past Events:

  • January 2024 - Literacy Night - Whispering Oak Elementary

  • November 2023 - F.A.M.E. Conference - Location: Orlando

  • July 2023 - NerdCampPA (virtual) panel - Speakers: Caroline Huntoon, Jenn Bishop, and Laurie Morrison

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